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A record of my experimentation, process and discovery in textile design and production.

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award, weaving and spinning

Nyssa McCullough

I am very excited and proud to announce that one of my woven works, Modern Nostalgia, has been selected as a finalist in the Wangaratta Contemporary Textiles Award 2015.  WCTA is a biennial award and is well known in the textile art industry. Entering this competition was one of the goals I set myself when I first heard about it last year. As an emerging artist I still find I'm quite shy about showing my work and putting it out in the public sphere to be seen and judged. To be selected as a finalist and exhibitor is a great feeling, so I want to share the news with you all too!

My work will be included in an exhibition at the Wangaratta Art Gallery, opening June 13 until July 26, 2015.

 Hand woven linen/cotton gima/copper, Modern Nostalgia, part of my 'The dark world where I dwell' textile collection.

Hand woven linen/cotton gima/copper, Modern Nostalgia, part of my 'The dark world where I dwell' textile collection.


In other news, my weaving studio is still a work in progress. I am continuing weaving my new piece, work and life keep getting in the way of my weaving! I am planning on setting up an experimental warp to try out some new ideas on this week. I have recently been stocking up on yarns (Habu, Avril, Dairing, String Harvest are my favourites), so I have a wider range of colours and tones to work with. That said, I'm still leaning to a neutral colour palette, there are just so many beautiful greys out there!

I have also taken up spinning yarn in my spare (?!) time thanks to Caylie and Jacinta from Dye and Ply. They make beautifully soft hand spun, naturally dyed yarns and hand knitted products using locally sourced fibres and dyestuffs. Check out their instagram and facebook pages for a look at their work. Caylie was kind enough to teach me how to use my spinning wheel, being very patient as I felt so uncoordinated!

I plan to spend the next couple of weeks focusing on getting some weaving done and exploring new ideas. Hoping to have some progress to share soon!


New studio set up

Nyssa McCullough

Hello again. It has been a slow start to 2015, moving house and getting my studio set up but I am happy to say progress is finally  being made. I have a small home studio set up with two looms and have warped up and started weaving on my table loom as soon as I was able. I'm still waiting on a new reed for my floor loom but am looking forward to getting a warp on that one as well.

I am working on a few pieces that are a continuation of 'The Dark World Where I Dwell', further exploring some ideas and concepts that I didn't have time to fully flesh out last year. I still cant get copper out of my head but I am looking for different ways to use it and add depth to my work.

Images to follow soon...


A well earned break...

Nyssa McCullough

I was so busy after the end of semester preparing for the Graduate show, and then getting ready for Christmas, I never got around to posting about it. It was a great night, everyone's work looked stunning and there was such an impressive variety of styles and ideas.  It was lovely to be able to celebrate, both with each other and our teachers, as well as our family and friends.
The night went off without a hitch and the only problem is that we all wanted it to last longer!

The obligatory picture of me standing in front of my work.


So since then I have taken a break, celebrated Christmas and New Year with my family and friends and am now looking to the future. Decisions decisions decisions! I will endeavour to continue this blog on a more regular basis and keep whoever might be reading updated on my progress.