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A record of my experimentation, process and discovery in textile design and production.

Weaving..... and printing!

Nyssa McCullough

So I have finished weaving my white silk/stainless warp. I am extremely happy with all of my pieces, they just needs to be finished and photographed. I will be screen printing on one of my pieces next week, which is simultaneously exciting and nervewracking!

Happily I chose to weave the biggest and most difficult pieces first, so now as the semester swiftly approaches its conclusion I have 2 of the smaller, easier pieces left to weave (plus a jacquard if I have the time!). I have started on my black silk/stainless and linen striped warp and it is refreshing to be weaving a new piece.

I also finally managed to get time on the digital printer this week. I was a bit nervous being in control of this massive piece of machinery but all went well. I was printing on lightweight silk so It was important to get the tension correct across the piece. There were a few issues in the beginning and I had to help the fabric with the extremely technical process of pressing on the fabric with my fingers but it sorted itself out and printed beautifully. I have to admit, after spending the past two weeks in the weave room working all day and into the night making fabric, it was satisfying to be able to see my designs come to life so quickly before my eyes!