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A record of my experimentation, process and discovery in textile design and production.

Getting my hands dirty

Nyssa McCullough

So the day finally came, I printed on my woven length! I was calm in the lead up but I'll admit I got a bit nervous when it came down to it. I did a length repeat print on some plain silk/cotton to warm up, which I was very happy with. In fact as I still have more of the silk/cotton fabric, I think I'll print some more of this design when I have time

Warm up print, Reactive dyes on lightweight Silk/Cotton

Warm up print, Reactive dyes on lightweight Silk/Cotton

After my initial success I got myself set up on the adhesive table, laying out my woven length. I took my time, making sure it was positioned correctly, flat and the stops were set accurately.  With a deep breath and the moral and printing assistance of Lucy Adam and Suzannah Thomson I positioned the screen, poured in some dye and started printing. Once I could see that the repeat was going to work I could relax and enjoy the process. I love the beautiful mess of screenprinting, wiping dye off my hands with my apron, crazy overprinted backing cloths. Big thanks to Samantha Wang for the beautiful photos you see below.

I have since steamed and washed the piece and it has been absolutely transformed. Photos will follow