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A record of my experimentation, process and discovery in textile design and production.


Nyssa McCullough

After much work and preparation I started weaving this week. It felt extremely satisfying to start throwing the shuttle and working the loom. My first piece is woven with superfine copper, so fine it is sometimes difficult to even see, let alone weave with.

Progress of the invisible weave, printed silk stainless warp, superfine copper weft

Progress of the invisible weave, printed silk stainless warp, superfine copper weft

It felt good to be weaving again, falling into the rhythm; treadle, shuttle, beat, treadle, shuttle, beat, treadle, shuttle... and so it goes. Each pick of copper adding to the cloth, almost imperceptibly, one at a time.

On their own each pick is insignificant, it is only when they are joined, one after then other, beat after beat after beat, that the design coalesces into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The energy and intention contained within the act of weaving adds to the quality and beauty of the component yarn, resulting in exquisite fabric.

I find it is impossible to rush weaving, particularly when you are working with yarn that is this fine. After a shaky start getting used to the loom, the warp and the weft, I soon fell into the rhythm of the weaving.

I have since finished weaving this piece and split the remainder of my warp in two with the aim of weaving 2 different designs on either sides.  Updates will follow